Life Is Just A Game

by pieces of moments

I told you back in April that I was able to go to one of the limited screenings of the movie How To Be, which was showing in Boston as part of the Boston Independent Film Festival, with the director, Oliver Irving, and most of the main cast in house. I waxed eloquent on how the movie was a hilarious, quirky, good time but perfectly folded throughout the layers of comedy were piquant moments –  heartbreaking, yet soul affirming – as the main character, Art, sought to re-invent himself.

So now here we are in the other “A” month, August, and I recently found out that Oliver’s next project is called Life Is Just A Game, starring Mike Pearce (who kept me tangled in laughter as Nikki, one of Art’s best friends in How to Be). Oliver asked me to tell everyone I know to sign up, and so gladly I say unto you, dear people: sign up for updates, yo!

Then, buy/rent How To Be when it comes out on DVD in the US (it’s already out in the UK, lucky duckies).

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