room with a view

by pieces of moments

Last night I dragged my sore ankle out of the apartment and went to meet up with friends for dinner at Dos Gringos. Let’s skip to the important part of the meal – dessert was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that we all decided to live large and have it first. What was it? Pretty much the most amazingly fresh sorbet that has ever crossed my path. It was basically raspberries and ice. Sweet yet tangy. Amazing.

After dinner we all wandered over to Ryan D’s apartment to enjoy his roof top. There is nothing like a roof top, especially when it’s really not supposed to be a deck at all. Sure, in the city there are lots of buildings with proper roof decks, but to just climb out the window and step onto a square patch of island living at altitude is surreptitiously sweet. Very Mary Poppins. Ryan pulled out his guitar and we sang the hours away, stopping only to listen to the rustling of the leaves nearly close enough to touch, or to laugh or discuss/argue about what constellations we were observing overhead. From that little patch of paradise you couldn’t even hear the traffic from the busy District streets surrounding us.

As a pianist my experience as a musician has been mostly one of solitude. Yes, I have been in string quintets, or orchestra, and as  vocalist I have sung in my fair share of choirs, but these all pale in the face of the thousands of hours I have spent in total solitude with a big black box that insists on killing the sound as soon as I coax it to live. So, being able to get together with friends and dust the dirt of daily cares off with a song and a roof is spectacular, don’t you think? It makes me sad that people don’t integrate the creation of music together into modern social activities. Can you think of a Jane Austen film where they don’t gather round to trade off performances on the fortepiano? I hope the DIY culture that is blooming ever more vibrantly will think to add music to their list of things to create themselves and share with others. It’s an easy peasy recipe, after all.