pop go the toppers

by pieces of moments


Before the bad economy took a serious bite out of finances resulting in my job being chewed alive (read: lay off), I worked at From the Top. Working there was amazing. It was seriously hard work but seriously hard core fun, too. I mean, just watch this video. I love these kids. I have met every one of them and can tell you that they are some of the most amazing personalities, the most talented, most inspiring – is it possible to not have an amazing time working with the likes of them?

On August 25th you’ll be able to purchase From the Top at the Pops on the TELARC label. So, if you’re a From the Top fan, a Cincinnati Pops fan, or neither but just like to show your support for the next generation of “classical” musicians, then mark your calendars!

And hey, while you’re visiting the online store waiting thinking “geez, I have to wait until August 25th  for the CD release?” buy yourself an FtT aluminum bottle because it’s summer and you should drink more water, or visit their member page to do your part to ensure more shows to give a voice and platform to young “classical” musicians like those in the video above. If you don’t like to donate online, scroll down to the bottom of the member page to find out how to give Maggie a call. She’ll help you out.