popcorn with your prokofiev?

by pieces of moments

One of my cousins has insanely cool stories about her time in Berlin including all the time she spent hanging with the Berlin Philharmonic, going to rehearsals, concerts, getting the evil eye from Herbert von Karajan, etc. I always listen to the tellings and re-tellings with a twinge of envy, ain’t gonna lie to you.

Well, now the Berlin Philharmonic has gone all digital. How awesome is that? You can sit in your tiny apartment in NYC, or your farm house in the middle of Kansas, and be right there in the virtual front row of one of the greatest orchestras on the planet. All you need to do is shell out some $/ € for virtual tickets (so to speak). Who doesn’t want the freedom to munch on some cereal and crunch along to the rhythm of Prokofiev 5, or whatever is on the program? Heck, you could even conduct right alongside Sir Simon, or whoever is on the podium on a given night. You can choose from a 30 day pass, or season tickets. Ready for a real awesome kicker? You also have the option to pick just one live concert or even watch an old one from the archives. Ticket prices vary accordingly. Click click, kids.