…when the bee stings…

by pieces of moments

…these are a few several of my favorite things:




  • TED online because I love a good lecture
  • Espresso from Abraço (NYC) because it’s tiny, to the point, and delicious
  • Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums because they take their job so seriously (if you take the quiz they email you back with a personal recommendation, and if you are in Barneys New York you can visit their hard core parfum booth…like really, a booth…go and see what I mean)
  • Saturday poker in Watertown with the girls, making up our own rules, wearing sunglasses, eating delicious homemade brunch, laughing endlessly


  • And Badminton games with Meymot & Nally


  • The Blue Album because it never fails to turn that frown upside down