Dumbarton Revisited

by pieces of moments

Dumbarton Oaks_1_2

It pays to be well connected, kids. Especially with people who have entrance rights to elegant property.

Through such connections I was invited to take a dip in the private swimming pool at Dumbarton Oaks (which, in a odd twist happens to be owned by Harvard University, my neighbor during my Massachusetts days) this last Sunday. Let me not hide behind false humility, because let me tell you, it was amazing, and I am so glad I will always be able to say I backstroked to my heart’s content in that beautiful pool of water.

During my swimming visit I did not have a chance to actually go into the house and check out the music room, however, which is notable as the performance space for Igor Stravinsky’s Concerto in E-Flat, “Dumbarton Oaks,” commissioned by Robert Woods Bliss (the lucky ducky who built the estate in the first place…apropos surname, no?) to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary with the Mrs. I guess if you have manicured gardens, an Orangery, and an immaculate house you don’t really need another bouquet or two to punctuate anniversary celebrations. Makes sense to get one of the most influential composers to ever walk the earth to write a little ditty as a token of love instead. Spot on, Bob.

So, I think tomorrow I’ll do what every Self-Respecting-Freshly-Layed-Off-Artist-In-America-Who-Cannot-Find-Suitable-Employment-Yet should do: take herself/himself on a morale boosting stylish date.

Dumbarton Oaks Music Room? Brunch at Cafe Bonaparte (my favorite brunch spot in Washington, DC) with their delicious Maharaja Tea?  Georgetown Cupcake? Window shopping up and down M Street? Dean & Deluca for some tea and pantry supplements? Good thing I have all day to sort through and organize my options.