Let’s rock this joint in the old school way

by pieces of moments

I met Becky when I was in fifth or sixth grade. She moved to the States from Canada. When we hit junior high most other kids I knew shopped at the Gap (after graduating up from Gap Kids), Banana Republic (remember those t-shirts they used to have with the maps printed on the back?), Abercrombie, American Eagle Outfitters, or The Buckle. Becky shopped at thrift stores. Her fingers were piled with rings she found that were skulls, boar heads, or snakes. I remember she had these amazing rainbow striped suspenders that she would wear with her cut off blue jean shorts. She wore mounds of black eyeliner – a huge contrast against her bleached blond hair, light blue eyes, and pale skin. She told me once that she thought Estée Lauder eye makeup remover was the best on the market, and to this day I believe she must have been right, given the amount of makeup there was for her to remove. I idolized her for it. To me, she was the epitome of creative cool. In a lot of ways, she still is, not because I have kept in touch with her (I haven’t talked to her or seen her since they moved back to Canada while we were in high school), but because of the profound originality she flaunted amidst the mall rats.

Becky also listened to the Beastie Boys, which is how I was introduced to them. I love the Beastie Boys. Their ingeniously quirky and catchy rhymes stood out against everything else coming out of my radio just as Becky’s thift store cool left status quo style in the cold. The Beasties have accompanied me through many seasons of my life since those days, so it was sad to find out recently that Adam “MCA” Yauch has been diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully it is isolated and treatable, but still, not the news we expected or wanted to hear. Wishing you a successful surgery and easiest possible recovery, Adam, and can’t wait until they pass the mic to you when the tour resumes and the album, Hot Sauce Committee, is released.

 The official announcement featured on their website (via YouTube) is below.