Manchester, United

by pieces of moments

Rise Above (somewhere over America)

Get me on the first plane to Manchester, England. Zaha Hadid and her architects have done it again – I’m innocently purusing the New York Times arts section and what do I see but an article on how they designed a performance space specifically structured to be condusive to the performance of music by Johann Sebastian Bach (or “Big Daddy B” as we affectionately called him during my undergrad days).


Having been previously involved in research for a concert hall project in Cambridge, MA, structural acoustic stuff like this totally intrigues me. Also, as a musician I guess I’m kind of an sonic safari sucker always out to find the next adventure for my ears. Hmmm, come to think of it that’s why I love Anish Kapoor with the way he plays on the viewer’s perception of his or her physical relationship to the surrounding space. I guess I’m just always craving transportation.

Speaking of…where’s my plane ticket? You read up whilst I pack…

MANCHESTER, England — A rewarding experiment in creating an ideal space to hear some of Bach’s most intimate music — the solo suites for piano, for cello and for violin — is taking place here at the Manchester International Festival. Zaha Hadid Architects was commissioned by the festival to take a top-floor exhibition room at the Manchester Art Gallery and turn what is basically a big black box into an acoustically and visually perfect place for performances of the Bach works. {Continue…}