by pieces of moments

So hey, my good friend Steve Milton is a rock star. No, like, legit. He used to be in this band called The Cloud Room and one of their songs got picked up for a Pepsi campaign in Europe. Check him out a couple years back when they were at SXSW (he’s the Italian lookin’ kiddo in the white button down):

Steve and I went to school together at New England Conservatory where our separate brain powers merged to come up with some pretty awesome stuff, like launching the first student-run musicological publication in New England Conservatory history. We laughed a heck of a lot, too. Oh, and I convinced him to buy a pair of white skinny jeans, but that’s another story. He carries on with his research these days, but once a rock star, always a rock star. His current band Lavalier is performing in the Issue Project Room on July 24th in NYC. If you are in the city or will be in the city you should drop by. Check out the IPR calendar line up in general, too – pretty great stuff.