by pieces of moments

Hello from my homaha! I hope your holiday weekend was awesome. Mine always is…and no, I am not saying that to sound totally inflated, but because it’s my birthday weekend! What’s not to love about that, right? The kids over at BBC Music Magazine gave me a shout out, which was totally sweet and lovely of them.


If you are on Twitter you should totally follow @BBCMusicMag. I mean, not only is their magazine great – one of the best out there – but their editorial team is seriously awesome with cheeky music humour (assuming that’s your thing…as it is mine).

It’s fun to be back home with the piano I grew up playing. Wonder how many hundreds of hours I clocked sitting there in elation, frustration, or any point in between? It’s also nice to be back to my old radio station, KVNO. I grew up listening to hundreds and hundreds of hours of classical radio in addition to all the (now this will date me…) tapes, LPs, and CDs. What I love about my hometown classical station is their laid back attitude. It’s like, they talk about classical music like they would talk about, say, the weather, or Nebraska football, and I think that’s the way it should be. They don’t handle it with kid gloves, you know? It’s every day. It’s just part of life, nothing out of the ordinary – special yes, but not out of the ordinary or elite or removed. There are certainly amazing radio stations out in the East where I reside now as an adult, but I desperately miss the unique down-to-earth quality bestowed by the radio announcers here in my homaha.

I feel that’s the way music should be, and especially “classical” music. I’m sick of treating it like a rare bird of paradise. Maybe it’s just a sparrow right there in your back yard every day – just a part of your life. Okay, I’ll stop with the bird metaphors as they seem to have infultrated my vocab of late (what’s up with that I wonder?).

You know who has it spot on? Joe. Saw this via Stereogum. Check out what he says about “Papa Haydn, Vivaldi and Mozart” because he’s right! Also, how awesome is it that they are sitting there doing this review? Love their spirit.

Speaking of college glee clubs, Edward Droste responds to the above article on his Twitter, “I’m into college glee clubs, thanks Joe!” You know who else is massively into CGC? Well, a cappella more specifically…Ben Folds. He’s even releasing a CD of the best of the best and a documentary of his project. Who knew? I’ll admit to you right now, I really do not like a cappella, but I totally agree with this point. Arts funding is getting cut in schools and it’s hard to find money for instruments, but your voice is free. Bingo.

Speaking of Grizzly Bear and a cappella, here’s a college group (via Stereogum) that went nuts arranging a piece from a fellow indie band, Dirty Projectors. I think it’s pretty impressive – and I don’t even like a cappella.

Or perhaps you’d rather pool party? No problem, me, too, especially when the live soundtrack is so kickin’. No sleep til Brooklyn!