birds and saints

by pieces of moments

night birds_dc

Tomorrow I’m leaving the District for a few weeks to hang out in the best hometown on the plant for my birthday – yay! A few of my hometown friends already have me booked for dinner when I get in town so the partying can begin in plenty of time to stretch out into the birthday weekend (every celebration should last for at least 3 days minimum, no?). So, what with all this impending celebrating my posts might get kinda intermittent for a bit (just so ya know).

My stopovers are always in Chicago, a town I love dearly and still think of as my home away from home. I have a rather long layover in my other home away from home, O’Hare International Airport, but you know there is a Vosges shop in the airport now (totally worth the stroll over to concourse B…it’s my favorite chocolate in the world…no, seriously…you need to try it), so that makes those three hours a more cheery prospect, indeed!!

You know what else is a cheery prospect? Chicago’s favorite indie son Andrew Bird teaming up with St. Vincent on tour this fall. Go on now, get your ticket before they run out. You’re welcome.