music boxing

by pieces of moments

My cousin, Paige, had the absolutely brilliant idea to use the summer to challenge herself to do something new, or something seemingly scary or intimidating, every week. Once she let me on to her plans we decided to do it together as a family activity and we’re calling it The Great Summer Cousin New Thing Every Week Challenge 2009. My first assignment was to compose something for the little Kikkerland Mechanical Music Box Set that I bought at least a year and a half ago at Blank Ink in Harvard Square.

I don’t compose much. I hold fast to the belief that some of us are meant to be performers and not performer/composers. Thus, almost all of my compositions have been for class projects or just for my own creative enjoyment and kept private in my manuscript music journals (out of being totally self-conscious about them). These facts, combined with the additional fact I have had the music box set in my possession but just didn’t have the time in the past to work through the technical aspects of composing for a tiny music box, lead to this as my first challenge project.


music boxing


boxed music

Aside from music boxing this evening I got to rock out to Phoenix performing their song “1901” on David Letterman (Bear Grylls was on the show, too – love that guy!).