afternoon art break

by pieces of moments

Early this morning I had to go file for unemployment like far too many Americans these days. I’m paranoid about weird things – like filling out forms – so it was kind of a rough morning. To smooth things out I walked it off by wandering all over the Southern end of the District. I even ventured through the heart of the tourist jungle (also known as the National Mall) to make my way to the museums for some art therapy.


Taking in DC art museums that are just the way museums should be – free to the public. Here are some highlights.




When you pace in front of this work the stripes create the illusion of shuddering sides fortified by an unwavering black mass.



This piece in the sculpture garden was one of the most moving for from its branches hangs wishes from the public. There is a box containing the tags next to the tree. Wishes range from hilarious to deeply, deeply, moving private wishes set free to flutter in the breeze.


I love Rodin.


There are a lot of great marriages of art and music. One of my art+music combos is Morton Feldman’s Rothko Chapel, which was composed to be played in the chapel itself. I had the pleasure of stopping there last year whilst in Houston for a show taping. If you ever find yourself in Houston, be sure to stop by. Try to make time to listen to Feldman’s work, too, before you go. Here’s a sample if you have not heard it previously. It might be abstract for some, but if you try to imagine the small stone interior of the chapel with the 14 massive black Rothko paintings surrounding the space for meditation, you might find a mental space you haven’t visited in a while.