The Rite Stuff Baby

by pieces of moments

June 17, 1882 Igor Stravinsky was born. You know your career is pretty rockin’ when you can go from neo-classical to primitivism and start some legit fist fights over aural aesthetics along the way. Stravinsky has influenced a lot of people including Aaron Copeland, Erik Satie – who even wrote an article on Stravinsky for Vanity Fair back in the day, Philip Glass, and modern rockers like Frank Zappa and Deerhoof.

Most interesting today, however, was the tribute from Google. For those reading this tomorrow (June 18) you’ll probably miss it, but read this LA Times article and you’ll get both the full explanation and a visual, too. The designer of the doodle, Ryan Germick, said something kinda remarkable in the interview:

“I’m a casual fan of classical music, and was introduced to Stravinsky through a couple of different avenues of popular culture as a teenager, namely Disney’s “Fantasia” and Stravinsky-inspired works of Frank Zappa. At the time I generally didn’t relate to classic music, but I found and continue to find Stravinsky’s compositions undeniably fresh and full of life.”

Hmmm…integration really works, huh? Well, well, well. No one is an island (ahem…”Classical” music…).

I would have strolled over to Dumbarton Oaks today to offer a full tribute to Igor, but it was raining all day and it’s kinda far. Lame excuse, but at least I’m honest kids, right?

So here you go, Igor, a tip of the hat to you and a hearty thanks for taking our ears to new places.

To celebrate:

Deerhoof+Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring remixed (recommend sitting down and letting this flow over you)

Stravinsky conducting movements from his Firebird Suite