Love Is Free…Music Is Too?

by pieces of moments

The Team Love record label (Conor Oberst & Nate Krenkel) has let loose some pretty awesome tunes on the world via their kickin’ band roster:

Capgun Coup

Jenny Lewis

Bright Eyes

A Weather

Mars Black

David Dondero

Tilly and the Wall

…among others…

Now they are doing it library style for free. Uh, yeah, that’s like, for free for free. Turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch…if music be the food of love they say “play on our tab.” Simply sign up.

Not exactly sure what this means in the whole how-does-a-kid-make-a-buck-in-recording-these-days argument…but we’ll leave the philosophizing for after the feasting.

Check it out. Literally. One track. A Couple of tracks. A Whole freakin’ album. Your choice.