look who’s on look book

by pieces of moments

During my time at From the Top I got to know a lot of really great young musicians. One of those students, vocalist James “Jamie” Danner who was on our Atlanta, GA show in 2007, is a native New Yorker who happened to love a lot of the same cafes and restaurants that I love in NYC. He even gave me a lot of great tips for new places to try, like Cafe Gitane, which is now another one of my favorite little places in NoLita.

Fast forward two years and Jamie is headed into his sophomore year at Harvard this fall. I would bump into him now and again in around Lincoln Center in New York, Harvard Square, or out at Tanglewood in the summers, but I didn’t anticipate bumping into him on the New York Magazine website! Back home in NYC for part of this summer he became the spur of the moment subject of New York Magazine’s Video Look Book! Way to go, Jamie!!!