A Far Cry

by pieces of moments

If I could tell you to go see one “classical” music ensemble this upcoming concert season, I would tell you to go see A Far Cry. Many of them happen to be my friends and classmates from New England Conservatory and I could not be more proud of what they are accomplishing and moreover what they are doing for this thing we all live and breath – “classical” music. You know that feeling you get at times (sadly) when you are attending a “classical” music concert and you’re sitting there wondering if they woke up at any point during rehearsal or perhaps the performance itself? Yeah, that never happens with A Far Cry. I know, I know, I’m probably being overly judgmental and harsh, but common, you can’t tell me that you haven’t been to a perfectly good concert that was just missing something – like the musicians actually enjoying themselves.

Maybe that’s the most concise way to sum up A Far Cry – they enjoy. They enjoy working together, they enjoy the music, they enjoy all aspects of this crazy life for which we have all signed up. When is the last time you actually enjoyed yourself at a “classical” music concert? Just sayin’.

Now, you can purchase their new CD on their website or via itunes. I highly suggest you do that and even more highly suggest you catch them live when you can. In the mean time you can listen to their recent visit to the WGBH studio in Boston and, while you’re at it, read the program notes I penned for their most recent outing.


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