by pieces of moments

So begins my first week of unemployment (for those just tuning in, I am one of those lovely Americans in the arts whose job was eaten alive by the economy) and my last week in Boston/Cambridge. It’s been a good farewell tour so far, and tonight another great stop on the tour: a benefit pre-screening of Away We Go.

The screenplay was written by Dave Eggers and his wife Vendela Vida, was directed by Sam Mendes, and stars Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski.

The pre-screening was held at the Coolidge Corner Theatre to benefit 826 Boston. Check out who came for the question answer session at the end of the film. Yup, it’s Eggers, Rudolph, and Krasinski. The dude on the far right is Daniel Johnson, exec director of 826 Boston.

Away We Go

The film is absolutely belly laugh hilarious and yet deeply touching. You should check it out.