Thursday Thrill

by pieces of moments


{the above A Far Cry photo wasn’t taken by me, but it’s a great one, isn’t it?}

My undergraduate music history and literature professor had quizzes every week. For classes that fell on Wednesdays he called them “Wednesday Whimsies”, those on Thursday were “Thursday Thrills” (which could be interchanged for Tuesday, depending on semester schedules). Now, a quiz on your Thursday may not be thrilling in practice (or theory for that matter), but seeing how socially Thursdays are the new Fridays I have a suggestion that is thrilling in theory and practice: going to hear A Far Cry @ 8PM in Jordan Hall. You think I’m jerkin’ your chain? Nope. I seriously dare you to go to that performance and not suddenly realize that you are either grinning like a schoolgirl or riding those sound waves that will swell and sweep over you. And once you regain your emotional equilibrium you can take a moment to read the program notes written by yours truly. Intellectual stimulation and emotional fulfillment all in one night? Yes, way. Geoff digs ’em. You will, too.

Here they are in action (prepare for goosebumps…and don’t you just love the energy in the sound?!)

Perhaps you are in a more somber mood?

Do your soul a favor


I really wish I could tell you more about how they actually make me want to listen to Mozart (enjoy it, even!), or how observing a group of string players knitting together their parts togetherĀ  – without a conductor – is poetry in motion, or how they recently opened a home office in their collective home neighborhood of Jamaica Plain and thereby are an example for all ensembles everywhere on community involvement, or how they really are just the coolest, smartest, most talented people you will meet, but really I need to head to bed right now. I have a plane to catch in the morning and a show to help put on the road!