omaha is my homaha

by pieces of moments


photo credit for this great shot of the Omaha skyline goes to my friend – and fellow Omaha native – Philip Stalnaker

So I’ve got my beloved homaha on my mind because we (From the Top…did I mention we got 5 Emmy nominations this week?) are taping one of our radio shows there this coming week! This, of course, is very, very exciting for me – it’s my very own home show! So you know what that means…hanging at Slowdown! Of course, hanging at Slowdown brings up Saddle Creek Records. Check out this awesome little “get to know” video that Alan Tanner made for Saddle Creek Records (with cameos by Conor Oberst, Maria Taylor,” Tyrone Storm”, and Caffeine Dreams cafe):

He, of course, was the mind behind the awesome Pot Kettle Black video for Tilly and the Wall where they run around Omaha and feature the illustrious Donut Stop

… as well as the Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band video Souled Out!!!

… and the new Maria Taylor for Time Lapse Lifeline

So much cool stuff going down in my hometown. So many cool places to be. I’m thankful to have come from a place dripping with creativity but tempered with a real and down to earth sense of what’s important. Yay Omaha! Can’t wait to see ya!