Clean Retainers

by pieces of moments

It’s one of those events where you think “gosh, if only I were able to be there!” and then depressingly realize “geez, it must have been nearly impossible to get a ticket!” Dirty Projectors and Björk.

together. on stage.




[holy #&#(*$&#]

My introduction to Dirty Projectors was seeing them open for Grizzly Bear (a great group who are having quite a moment right now as “everybody’s favorite New York band“) at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Bostonia a couple of years ago. There are a handful of bands in the world that are most fully themselves in live performance situations and Dirty Projectors are one of them. Their sound is heard most perfectly when felt directly with the wavelengths punctuating your atmosphere and refracting off your skin. Björk also has an extremely visceral and tactile musical style, so it’s easy to see how these two profoundly physical sounds would want to be together in the same room.

Dirty Projectors covered Björk’s Hyperballad for that amazing little (Björk) cover album “Enjoyed” which, incidentally featured one of my classmates from New England Conservatory, Olga Bell, (or “Bell”), along with a band Thom York digs – Liars. The rest, as they say, is history…or rather a freakin’ amazing concert.

How about a little compare contrast?

Hyperballad (original)

Hyperballad (Dirty Projectors cover)

Be sure to read the article, too, and check out the photo spread by Ryan Muir including photos like the one shown (without permission) below: