Baroque & Boredom

by pieces of moments


Watched the movie Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach this evening. I was really excited about it…but my enthusiasm was broken by the fact the movie is boring as walking up and down a white washed hallway for 5 hours straight (don’t worry, the movie was only an hour and a half in length). IT WAS SO FREAKIN’ BORING. Ugh. It’s sick. Seriously, the movie could have been amazing! And you know, it could have been about Anna Magdalena Bach! But it wasn’t. It was just Anna Magdalena voice over reading from her “diary” about J.S. Bach’s life. So, don’t rent it. The one good thing about it were the performances on period instruments by musicians with mad, mad period clothing on (wigs like you ain’ seen before). Okay, the other good thing was seeing Nikolaus Harnoncourt playing the part of Prince Anhalt-Cöthen.



Okay, there’s nothing whatsoever Baroque about this other than the music, but hey, I have to work with somethin’ here. Check this out though – insanely awesome!

In other, other news…Liverpool v Newcastle today! Go REDS!

Better go do my vocal warm ups…. it’s Kop choir time!