by pieces of moments

Thank goodness. I think spring has finally decided to descend upon Bostonia…just in time for Patriot’s Day / Marathon Monday!

But let’s not jump the gun. We’re not quite to the weekend yet.

This evening I took some headshots and general photos of my friend (and reader of this blog) Michael Centini who is part Italian and part Polish – works out well for him don’t you think? (… and pssst! girls, he’s single!). He’s an actor, and can tell you what kind of popcorn Mariah Carey prefers (he sat behind her at a screening while he was at the Sundance Film Fest this past January). Oh, and did I mention he has an amazing voice, too? Remember his name. One of these days you will turn on the tele or sit in a state of the art movie house and you’ll pause and poke your neighbor to whisper “hey! I know that guy!”