by pieces of moments

  • tonight i’m taking headshots for an actor friend of mine. that should be fun
  • avocados are 5 for $5 at Whole Foods right now! delight!
  • tomorrow it’s supposed to be 70ish in bostonia
  • i’m really busy right now…with some fun stuff (more on that soon)
  • i’m wearing red and white stripes today and that makes me super happy
  • the yeah yeah yeahs have a new album out with a divinely lovely track “hysteric” that sounds like falling in love… and how cool is that album cover?
  • i’m drinking red tea today because it matches my mood (and my shirt)
  • i can’t get enough of listening to the lectures from oxford university on itunes…the series on old english is trippin’
  • the boston independent film festival is next week! yay!
  • got my ticket to see “How to Be” at the Coolidge Corner Theater
  • the YouTube Symphony Orchestra shindig is over now…still processing my thoughts on it…hmmm
  • i’m really displeased that they remade Grey Gardens for HBO. How can you make a movie out of a documentary? Furthermore, how can anyone possibly “improve” upon something that is so insanely brill as is? S-T-A-U-N-C-H