thursdays are the new fridays

by pieces of moments

Well, it’s true for me, at least. Tomorrow I’m taking the day off just for the heck of it (woot!). I think of it as revenge for all those Tuesday afternoons I have had of late where I was convinced to the core of my being it was Friday. Remember those days? Cruel.

How are you? I am thoroughly enervated. I have been writing and editing cover letters pretty  much non-stop. Job hunting is a very exciting and unequivocally draining process. Geez. I need a day at the spa right about now. At least it is a new month so I was able to flip over my beloved New Yorker calendar to enjoy the April cartoon. Don’t you just love New Yorker cartoons? I almost never read the New Yorker poems. They (nearly) always come across as…well…pretending to be “deep.”

Check this out,  it’s a Sam Adams brewery event thingy  in JP I went to with some friends last week. Cheese and crackers and pulled pork sandwiches and custard for dessert with beer pairings – all free. Yes, darling, F-R-E-E.


Those are barrels of their “Utopia” in the background. They sit around and cultivate their personalities in the dark for like, two years or something outrageous like that. Don’t you just love/adore/devour/cherish/relish process? I do. I get an all consuming kick out of it.

So did these dudes, I’m guessing:


You three have already  met, right? Ludwig van Beethoven, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (less daunting English translation – Joe Green), meet…uh…what was your name again? Oh, right. Well, enchanté, I’m sure. Nice flower.

At From the Top we have all sorts of these random composer busts all over the office. Some other arts organization used them for a gala or something and then asked us if we wanted them. So, we were like “what the heck – why not?” and before we knew it there were boxes and boxes of busts delivered to our door. Pretty hilarious – and awesome. We like to dress them up (naturally, we’re From the Top). Hence, Verdi is sportin’ a flower and somewhere in our office another composer is wearing a Red Sox cap. This is mine…it’s Chopin (naturally…who else would I pick? okay, you’re right, Bach, but we don’t have any Bach busts).


Yes, that’s my little green army dude. Came from some From the Top birthday cake at some point I believe. Ludwig and Joe up there live in the Development office.

Our Development department also known as “Narnia.”


I did not make the sign, but I did print out the tinsytiny map of Narnia (looks like a big stamp) and I did make the little coats and hangers. The hangers are strategically bent little paper clips and the coats are images I found through Google.

Detail shot (front side):


This all went down a couple of years ago. I don’t even remember why we came up with names for the various rooms in our office. I believe it stemmed from the middle area (seen in the middle part of this photo) being nicknamed the “locker room” due to its sparse decor and majority sport-obsessed male employee population. Also, whenever one is entering or passing through the “locker room” one has to keep aware of objects such as footballs being tossed through the air as a respite from the stress of putting on the number one classical show in the nation. My portion of the office (seen brightly lite in the background) is called “Wonderland.” But only Narnia has a sign – and a pretty rockin’ sign at that.

Speaking of rockin’…

Thanks to Larry, my ever vigilant Omaha music scenemeister who keeps me updated on all goings on in my beloved hometown and our super loved Slowdown, for providing the linkylink to this video of the most recent The Faint show. Of course, Larry got to go and dance the heck out of the place. I love their shows. I’ve never seen them at home for a home show, however. That’s a missing piece in my musical puzzle.

Also Meymot, in her brilliance, discussed the tulips we saw in Whole Foods today while we were grabbing lunch by describing the “audacity of a thin green stem” (I’m copyrighting that for her right now…if you use it…fork over $5) and the blossom up top. Tulips, light jackets, and Meymot. Must really be spring! And for all intents and purposes, today is really Friday for me (insert mid 90’s fist pump).