all that jazz

by pieces of moments

So tonight Mike and I rehearsed his audition piece for a couple of hours. Playing Beatles on the piano for a couple of hours while someone with a kickin’ voice sings along is way fun, kidz. You should do it if you can. Pull a couple of friends over to a piano with you and get busy.

We had so much fun that it turned into a sing along and then snowballed into me begging him to help me accomplish my dream of singing big band style somewhere. Hey, Mike, if you’re reading this one, let’s do this:

Uh, okay, maybe not.

It’s always kinda funny to see Josh Groban. We were at Interlochen Arts Camp together back in the day. No, I didn’t know him so don’t ask me about what he was like. I stayed away from all those crazy opera/theater people…always making a scene in the cafeteria or on main camp…well…or anywhere else for that matter.

Maybe we should do this, though, seeing as Mike likes “Golden Slumbers” and I love “Carry that Weight”

Don’t you love how many weird Beatles videos people have made and put up on YouTube?

But seriously, Mike and I really do need a show. We’re great on tv. We promise. And right now, we even have matching haircuts…for what that’s worth to hair and makeup.