Happy Sunday

by pieces of moments

Poker @ Kati’s is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon on our side of the river (I try as hard as I can each weekend to not cross into Bostonia…Cantabrigian that I am)…esp. when awesome tunes are crankin’ in the background like Smashing Pumpkin’s “1979”, some Broken Social Scene, old school Radiohead (Pablo Honey!) and more. It’s amazing how much music can transport you from one time and place to another. “1979” took us all right back to high school.

Anyway, that was then, this is now – makin’ $$$ (okay, maybe more like $) for a few hours with friends.

Hope you had a good weekend! See ya Monday.


what poker game is complete with out a quiche…or two?


Meymot and I try to look hard core and intimidating with our sunglasses…and fizzy grapefruit juice drinks in petite glassware