voices secretly

by pieces of moments


So I was thinking about one of my favorite films, Unzipped, which is a rather fetching little documentary of Isaac Mizarhi, and that led me to think of big band music because in the movie they play that fantastic tune “Beyond the Sea” (if you take the time to listen to this recording with Bobby Darin note the ridiculously awesome moments when the band busts into little syncopated breakdowns). And that reminded me of my great-uncle who was an amateur musician in jazz/big bands as a saxophonist and singer. There are no recordings that I know of (sadly, sadly) but my grandfather always told me that his voice sounded a lot like Mel Torme.

My cousin Peter (my great-uncle’s grandson) has inherited a very nice voice.

My father has a great voice, so does my mother…see a pattern? Maybe this is where my predilection for making character assumptions about people according to the tone of their singing voice comes from, e.g. clear, honest sound = clear, honest person. It’s not a terribly trusty method I know, and don’t worry, I don’t rely upon that exclusively, but when I hear a clear strong singing voice I feel more at home and comfortable far beyond the fact that I just like hearing it.

Also playing into all this is a secret fact about myself (not so secret anymore, I guess)  that somewhere deep, deep inside I have wanted to get up and out from behind my piano/harpsichord and swing it at the microphone with a big band – just once. I’ve sung a lot in my life, in choirs, plays a as kid, etc. but never with a big band. Secretly, I want to do that. Guess that goes on the list.

What would I sing? Something like this…oh, and totally with a set up like this, too. It’s all about being able to jaunt down the stairs.