limoncello by the sea

by pieces of moments

Spring has finally decided to start showing it’s face in Bostonia. Abundant sunshine is spilling out from the sky and seeping into my cold, frozen winter soul. Defrost! Allez! Each pre-spring as the days grow in length and vitamin D gets back into my skin I have visions of wearing adorable summer clothing, sunglasses, sandals – and the Riviera, always the Riviera (preferably Italian). Be not deceived, I have actually never been to the Riviera, but I have an image of it ingrained in my mind from movies, particularly those from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Take Bonjour Tristesse for example, well, maybe it’s a bad one since it’s ultimately a rather dark story, but the scenery and adorable summer clothing cannot be beat! (Nor can Jean Seberg, whose très adorable pixie cut has inspired me on many occasion to impulsively call up Erin and emerge freshly shorn.)

Notice how there are always people impromptu dancing en masse in the Riviera movies from this era – that better still really happen or I think I might be slightly disappointed when I finally get to the Riviera myself. And they better be blasting amazing little  tunes…maybe even some Chet Baker singing in a horrible Italian accent. You see, what I’m thinking is that we will get up on the earlier side (in order to enjoy the full day laying ahead) and have some cappucinos (made by whoever foams the milk at Bouchon Bakery because that is the best milk foam I have ever had…)brought to us on our sweet little balcony-ette (yes, you are right, I did invent that word, but sometimes when one needs descriptive words one needs to devise them oneself) overlooking the sea. We’ll enjoy the fresh fruit and yoghurt and then spend a full hour just thinking about what we might do next. Then we might spend a whole other hour just preparing to physically get up from the breakfast table to get on with things. Then eventually we will hop on our Vespa and ride off toward our great Riviera adventures.

After we have had some adventures we will stop into a charming little hall cocooned in diffused sunshine and I will play us some Scarlatti. Don’t you just love Scarlatti? How is it is possible that he has gotten dissed so often? What’s that? Well, yes, being contemporaries with the likes of Bach and Handel has been a touch difficult, I would imagine, you’re right. Hmmm, well, by performing a few of his little gems of sonatas we will do our part to fix that situation.

By then the sun will be thinking of setting on our glorious day, but in signaling the end of one day we will usher in that little interlude called night time (now for the impromptu evening dances by the sea and a little sleep) which will tide us over until tomorrow and another glorious sunny day with the salt in our hair and a healthy tan on our faces.

Well, a girl can dream right?


Well, reality can often be simply delightful as well. Last evening I spent several hours with some friends from college making pizza, eating pizza, and enjoying catching up. Thanks Abram, Sarah, and Becky for a great night!