for crastination

by pieces of moments

It is nearly 10:30 PM. I am putting off…I mean…taking a brief break from finishing a project..

Here are some snapshots (both photographic and of the pen) from life over this past week:

  • I inexplicably purchased buffalo meat at Whole Foods tonight on the way home. Perhaps in a moment of feeling trapped by aforementioned less-than-thrilling project I took out my mental wanderlust on a new type of meat product. Anyway, it’s there in my fridge now. Huh.
  • If you see me wearing anything like this (“in motion” Summer 2009) all summer you will know that I am about as closely merged with ideal bliss as humanly possible. Sigh.
  • I took this picture for Mark while I was brunching here last Saturday


  • I took this picture for my cousin Paige because they are vegan cupcakes and she’s a vegetarian and up-and-coming baker.


  • I learned some life lessons. Hard.
  • I realized anew how little (thank goodness) I listen to those smash hits of “romantic” era “classical” music – you know, that top 40-ish stuff. Phew.
  • I think I’m finally able to really know a furiant or dumka when I hear them. Blahopřeji!
  • I really do despise winter. Ugh.
  • I was introduced to possibly the most fantastic grocery store in the entire region of New England: Hi Lo Foods. Picture walking off the street and into another country where salsa music blasts as people buy crispy pork rinds sealed up in plastic wrap and cans of coconut cream, coconut milk, coconut juice, coconut drinks, coconut butter, coconut anything&everything tower over you left and right. Not one single English language publication to be found. Amazing.
  • It’s 10:43 and I have only two minutes left to be for crastination, then I will have to rise against. Sad.

Remember kids: the pen is mightier than the sword. It is my weapon of choice. Now…back to work.