hOmaha puttin’ on the ritz

by pieces of moments

This will be quick since I’m on my way to Meymot’s house for crepes and tea (made by the fabulous Shira Melen)…yay!

So this past Thursday night was the third annual Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards ceremonies. I wasn’t in town to attend, but  Larry and Phil were there and I stole these pics from Larry’s Photobucket (thanks, Larry!) to show you a bit of what’s shakin’ in the indie oasis of the Midwest. I love how my hometown is like “whatever, Cali and NYC, we have our own amazing artists, some of them you might even know, and we’re going to celebrate them ourselves”. Nice. Way to go hOmaha.

Jacob Thiele of The Faint all dressed up with somewhere to go (and you can check out pretty much everywhere The Faint has ever been HERE via their twitter):


The scene: