!!! & happy birthdays

by pieces of moments

My crackberry’s calendar kindly tells me that on Saturday I have a mindbogglingly cool appointment.

. . .

Also, happy birthday to Kati and to Jenny who each make my life more full and rich than it would be without them!

Birthday brunches were the order of the day this year.

Kati’s birthday brunch:

It was the perfect late fall day complete with a crisp whisper-light breeze and sunbeams radiating from the sky like bright festive streamers. The menu included made-to-order omelets (courtesy of Ben’s outstanding omelet skillz), poached pears, a make-your-own-pancake station with all the best ingredients available for creative inspiration, coffee and the best cream ever, and…gosh…I can’t even remember anymore. But as you will see, it was a lovely event. Happy birthday to Kati!

Table scene . . .


Ben working his magic . . .


Jenny working on her cheese . . .


Evan, Laura, and Jenny dig in. . .


Kati, birthday girl #1 . . .


Jenny’s (Meymot) birthday potluck brunch:

Meymot’s birthday brunch took a village – it was a potluck! Who doesn’t love a potluck (you probably don’t want to know those people, they are clearly lame), and furthermore who doesn’t love a potluck celebrating the birth of a most extraordinary member of our human race (again, someone you clearly do not want to know)? As it is December after all, baby it was COLD outside, but inside it was all giggles and warmth. Happy birthday, Meymot!

Lucky . . .


The kitchen is always the place to be . . .


A good story. . .


Birthday brunch Pictionary, just how Meymot likes to roll . . .


Birthday girl #2 . . .


And what would a music blog be without, you know, music?

So here are a few YouTube tidbits I found pertaining to birthdays, and since I have a competitive streak, let’s see who is more classy with something that has such acute potential for dissolving into a mess of cheesiness: strings vs. piano.

First up, strings. Check out the line up here (Mischa freakin’ Maisky!)…and the SUPERDUPER cheesy camera work (quick! show the audience appreciating it!):

Okay, my other question is why does everyone insist on doing the happy birthday song as a series of variations? Is it because people love the song that much? Hmmmm. Mysterious. Rachel Barton Pine has her own version and I even got to hear her do it live in San Diego this summer while we were conducting live auditions at the Mark O’Connor String Conference. Natch, it’s variations on the theme:

And now for the pianists. Kissin and Argerich. I am voting for this version because I’m shamelessly and recklessly biased (since I’m a pianist), because they at least threw in a bit of swing, and because it’s SHORT AND SWEET and NOT MORE VARIATIONS:

Piano wins.

And as a bonus, something completely different (this one’s for you, Meymot!):