Candid Camera

by pieces of moments

In case you were not watching Live From Lincoln Center last night…

The program consisted solely of music by Sarasate (pronounced with ultimate drama with elaborately rolled ‘r’s by introductionista Renée Fleming who was totally decked out like a Christmas tree for her, you know, 30 seconds on camera) performed and hosted by Gil Shaham with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and pianist Jonathan Feldman up in the Penthouse.

Gil, who of course appeared with Alice Ivy-Pemberton on Season II of our Carnegie Hall show, did a marvelous job hosting (when noting the g string of the violin for an introduction to one piece he turned to an off camera director to say “I can say that on PBS, right? g string?”). But the real kick of the evening was after a performance of Sarasate’s “Navarro”, a duet performed with his wife, Adele Anthony (an equally talented violinist), when he walked off stage to be stopped by friend and orchestra darling Gustavo Dudamel who thrust the 2008 Avery Fisher Prize into his hands on live television! Shaham was truly stunned – it was marvelous!

The story is HERE, but I wish you could have seen it live if you didn’t, not only for the joy of the surprise honor, but for what a lovely, fun, and casual evening of music it was at the hands of Mr. Shaham.

Congratulations to a very fine musician who is as kind as can be.