on videotape

by pieces of moments

I’m in the midst of a brief lull between travels. Friday I’ll be shipping out again for our two radio show tapings in Texas. Yes. Texas. I get to be in Texas – during the hurricane – for a week. I’ll let you know how that goes. Our shows, of course, are looking to be really great, so if you are a Texan…and want some to hear some killer tunes out of the rain and wind…head on over and catch one of them (assuming you live close by since Texas is H-U-G-E).

Oh, and one more plug, we also opened our online store recently and have some pretty schnazzy stuff up on there. Be sure to read the captions, too. Mike used his witty talents on some of those. And the bonus? You get to see our beautiful staff modeling the wares!

So on my way home tonight, Meymot (who now lives even closer! hooray!) and I got off the bus a bit early and walked through my ever gentrifying neighborhood (now complete with little urban parks in the middle of the Mass Ave!) before we parted ways. I grabbed some take out from my favorite little neighborhood Tibetan restaurant (momo thukpa…a kind of dumpling soup with baby bok choy) and also walked up to my favorite little indie video store where they give me killer suggestions all the time (love them!). I decided that I’m going to make the best of my 72 hours at home by relaxing with some DVDs. I ended up grabbing maybe a bit too much (which always happens to me because I get all excited by the pleathora of amazing options and it incites greed), but hey, gotta carpe diem. So, I walked out with:

  1. Heima (look Larry – finally!)
  2. Summertime (one of my favorite Katharine Hepburn films)
  3. Brian Eno’s 14 Video Paintings
  4. and two films by Chris Marker: La Jetee and Sans Soleil

I also grabbed the new schedules for the Brattle Theater and the Harvard Film Archive. Maybe – just maybe – I’ll have time to catch something once my travels have calmed down a bit.

This evening my intention was to watch Heima, but then while I was flipping through the to-die-for Barneys New York print ad campaign my roommate looked up from her roasted lemon salmon with taragon and said “let’s watch John Adams“. So, we had some Nutella and tea and toast and jumped in. Have you seen that John Adams series that originally aired on HBO??! Holy cannoli it’s a great way to spend an evening. The best part is since it’s a mini-series, it’s totally digestable because you can watch and hour here and and an hour there, or, should you have a series of hours you could sit for a whole day and be totally absorbed. It’s very nicely shot, rather straightforward but with some camera interest. And the film treatment is really nice as well. Also, being a resident of Cambridge/Boston, I have to say that they did a great job making you think it was really Boston of 18th century. The portion we watched this evening was largely taken up by the Boston Massacre, which was really interesting to ‘experience’ since on occasion I walk past the very place where that blood was spilt. That’s the amazing thing about Boston, really, it’s being able to live in the very footsteps of hundreds of years of events that galvanized the United States. Anyway, I could go on, but I’ll spare you. Suffice to say – go watch John Adams.

Also, I (sadly) woke up only to catch the last few moments…but they are airing the tv series of This American Life on United Airlines flights! How AWESOME is that?! Fly United everyone!