picture postcard from the midwest

by pieces of moments

Above you see all the necessary survival needs for three days of live auditions spanning three cities.

  1. water
  2. water mixed with Emergen-C (raspberry)
  3. coffee (lots)
  4. pen/paper/laptop
  5. applications

In the case of the picture above we also had abundant natural light thanks to the folks at the MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis who put us in such a sunny room.

I mentioned in the previous post or so that my hotel room in said Minneapolis was, um…tack-ity-tack to say the least. I mean, it was spacious (living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom) but it was tackalicious.


Item one: zebra striped super long curtains

and the close-up for effect:

Item two: everything in the room was SUPER SIZE including the massive headboard:

Item three: large, yet kinda cool Art Deco-esque mirror in the kitchen:

On the bright side, since I was on the penthouse level I had an nice view of downtown Minneapolis, including this “Foshay” building that I couldn’t help envisioning as reading “Foshiz” (hey, I was sleep deprived):

Note the lovely 67 degree temp outside.

There were some other cool Deco buildings too:

Over across the river in St. Paul we ran across this restaurant. It’s really a shame we didn’t get to go there (I was meeting my aunt for dinner). I hold fast to my hope that at some point after dinner people in traditional Polish dress get up and do a Polonaise. I also hope someone is dressed as Chopin. I’d put him on my dance card ASAP:

By the time we got to Des Moines I was too exhausted to remember to snap any pictures. 21 straight hours of work does a number to your cognitive abilities, but I was alert enough to enjoy this sunset from our little jet on the way to Chicago:


Today was a day for recuperation. I was basically a zombie and so stayed home from the office to do some laundry, star off into space, and watch way too much tv. I caught the season premiere of Oprah, however, and her big USA Olympics extravaganza in Millennium Park. It also explained to me why I saw Michael Phelps’ mom and sister at O’Hare – twice – during a layover because they were going to/coming back from the Oprahstraviganza downtown. As someone who religiously watched Michael Phelps accomplish his record setting Olympic games goal, I recognized them immediately since I had seen them every night on tv for a week. I had to refrain from following them down the halls and missing my connection.

Tonight I finally rallied at about 7PM to head out and get myself some sinus medication and ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food, my favorite).

In other back to school news, has anyone watched Gossip Girl lately?! HOLY MOLY. If you don’t already know, GG is this totally superfluous show on the CW with which I am totally 100% guilty pleasure OBSESSED. I know, right?! But I can’t help myself!!! This season so far is full of real doozy story twists, for better or for worse, I mean, a Lord?? How come the guys I meet never happen to turn out to be Lords in hiding? And the “Dutchess??!?!” Wow. I also couldn’t help but totally enjoy that Blair’s party was at my NYC home away from home, the Hudson Hotel. As Joseph said to me, “don’t you love that they are living OUR lives?”. Well said, Joseph. Can’t wait until next Monday.

In other news my glorious hometown got a nod from Alex Ross as he mentioned the ANALOG Arts Ensemble’s (that has members from Omaha) tip of the hat to Stockhausen on September 12. Be sure to stop by the festivities should you be in my glorious Homaha this weekend.

In other concert news, I have a performance coming up in early November. My friend, superb vocalist and new music enthusiast, Rebekah Alexander and I will be on the same ticket, which is fun, since I was her accompanist our freshman year of college.

Now I have to head to bed and try to get well…had the ice cream already…now for the meds.

Later skaters