away down south in dixie

by pieces of moments

So I’m sitting here in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport waiting for my (delayed) flight over to Asheville, NC. Then we’ll hope in a car and drive over to the Brevard Music Center to conduct some live auditions tomorrow all day long. This is my first time in North Carolina, and one of the very few times I have been to the South. I have a personal mission to find some sweet tea, and I have been told to keep an eye out for BBQ as well. The South mystifies me for many reasons, and this trip has provided me with a few more reasons for my Northern mind to think “wow…okay…”


1) The Charlotte, NC airport has bathroom attendants. Bathroom attendants? Maybe in the Ritz…but in the Charlotte, NC airport??? Really? This Southern hospitality thing is crazy.

2) People are so polite that when the desk attendant at US Airways announced that our flight was delayed (further) they actually clapped – like a nice golf clap. Up where I live it would be a chorus of groans and grumbles. Maybe all the warm weather and sweet tea does something to you.

One universal thing about sitting in airports for a couple of hours is getting to hear all the glamorous, and not so glamorous, locales you could be visiting as they are announced one after the other on the PA system.

Okay, I think we’re finally getting to go…

See you at Brevard.