by pieces of moments

I have spent the last 48 hours landlocked by choice within my own apartment. It has been terribly hot outside, and since I’m still not fully recovered from my stomach bug, I thought the best option would be to ground myself inside to rest in the air conditioning. I have been sufficiently productive, however: baked some chocolate chip cookies (then unwisely chose to eat one because they just smell so good), interviewed a student who is going to be on our radio show this fall, listened to and watched hours of performances (Hélène Grimaud, Martha Argerich, Bud Powell, Art Tatum, to name a few), schemed up some new projects for the near future (got a great idea, kids!), read the new Vogue, worked on my current short film project, sipped some Harney and Sons “Paris” tea with milk (always with milk) while watching about as good of a thunderstorm as New England can muster (still doesn’t compare at all to power of Midwest thunderstorms, call that situation good or bad as you will), and advised Joseph about Malaria prevention. I also thought about knitting a new tea cosy, but didn’t actually follow through with concrete action. Oh, and I did some laundry.

It’s about time to say goodnight, tie a ribbon on this weekend of nesting (as Johana would call it) and put it on the shelf, but before I do, I have to point you to this video for all of you who are waiting for this new album to come out. Enjoy.