little house of creativity on the prairie

by pieces of moments

Continuing with the “my hometown is better than yours” theme…

Tonight while I was browsing Pitchfork I noticed a shout out to a project taking place in said “better than yours” hometown, Omaha. Now, the idea isn’t that original (visual artists have been doin’ this for a while), but I do want to hear the “finished” product out of curiosity. David Matysiak, of Coyote Bones, got himself a sweet Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts residency and spent it on a work he calls “Telephono“.

In other brief news I discovered that Coyote Bones did an amazingly cheapo-ripped-off version of Phantom Planet‘s Jason Schwartzman era “California” (yes, I actually love that song and yes Meymot and I really did scream sing it at the top of our lungs while driving through the streets of San Francisco in the middle of the night while nearly accidentally going over the Bay Bridge…remember that Meymot?) called “O Nebraksa“. Check it out on their Myspace, it’s a great time (at least if you are from Nebraska).

Has anyone else noticed that Phantom Planet cleverly used lyrics from the original Al Jolson song “California Here I Come“? Smart move. I love it when people make smart moves.

And no, I have never actually watched “The OC” (sorry, Ira), but I do love California, and next to Nebraska it’s my favorite state. I’ll be there in just a couple of weeks – drivin’ down the 101.