alex, i’m your only friend…and i have a sweet pad

by pieces of moments

I have home decorating on the mind. I never had time during grad school to actually do anything to the place, and I figure now that I’ve been here for over three years it’s, uh, about time. So I’m over at the Domino Magazine website and what greets me but the headline “House tour: Blonde Redhead“. WHAT!?! Sweet. I love seeing how other people decorate their spaces, it says a lot about who they are (my current decor says “20-something with many books and not enough shelf space who is too busy to decorate”, but like I said, I’m workin’ on it). I confess, clicking through the pictures of Amedeo and Kazu’s place was surprising. I was expecting it to be more Marcel Wanders, just guessing from their music. Marie Antoinette toile? Didn’t see that comin’. But, I do like the “fireplace”.

Since we’re on the topic…here is some footage from their show here that I attended (and listen for Kazu’s amazing vocal squeak at 5:35) . I didn’t film this, and don’t know who did, but she/he must have only been a few feet away from me, guessing from the camera angle.

I digress…