of sound construction

by pieces of moments

Why is David Byrne so freakishly awesome? He’s making an instrument out of the Battery Maritime Building in New York.


A couple of years ago the Boston Architectural Center had an interactive exhibit that lured innocent Newbury Street shoppers (id est yours truly) to approach their street level wall of windows laced with the powers of Max/MSP to produce a cacophony of sounds from a massive array of timbres via motion sensors. It was super fun, I have to say, and made the public look amazing standing there waving all available limbs. Presto! Creatio ex nihilo!

Another all too little known fact: If you are in the Kendall station ‘T’ stop those crazy MIT kids did you a favor. Look around. See those items dangling from the ceiling in between the inbound and outbound trains? They move. You make them move. They have names: Pythagoras, Kepler, and Galileo. They make music, and they were created by Paul Matisse, grandson of Henri Matisse (and according to Wikipedia, one time Harvard roommate of Stephen Joyce, grandson of James Joyce). They are currently under continuous repair, but the next time you are in Cambridge (Bostonians….) take public transport, save some gas, and construct some sound.