better late than never

by pieces of moments

Okay, Josh, I admit it…I was afraid to truly, madly, deeply listen to the new Portishead album too. I told you about how I heard those brief clips posted over at the New York Times, but other than that I have largely distanced myself from Third on purpose. Larry, my hometown informant, texted me on the 28th – the very drop day itself – and said he had run out to grab it. I didn’t. I have loved them so dearly for so many years. I remember the first time I saw that amazing Chris Cunningham video for “Only You, it was the most brilliant thing to me, and all those saturnine songs on Portishead and Dummy resonated so deeply within the darker corners of my youthful heart.

Eleven years is a long time to be silent. How do you till the soil of your sonic landscape when that sonic landscape is so distinct that it helped defined an entire genre? Can you take an ax to THIS and create THIS? They’re both great, but wouldn’t you miss those Beech trees and all those dead leaves? Okay, enough with the bad metaphors, but you get my drift. I was skeptical. But I’m feeling optimistic (can you use that word when talking about Portishead? just feels so….inappropriate).

I was over at S/FJ and noticed that ‘Silence’ was on the play list. I held my breath and hit play. Then I exhaled. They went from THIS to THIS. Cool. Tomorrow, Josh, I think I’ll buy the album.