by pieces of moments

It’s raining again, I can hear it on my windowpanes. I adore the sound of rain at night, once the world has settled down and is relaxed enough to allow the sound to permeate. Don’t you love rainy days for their light qualities, too? Colors pop marvelously. Besides, who doesn’t like to look up an see this:


The raindrops outside are luscious – a real downpour. Oh! And now lightening and thunder! It must be Spring. Thank goodness for a real Spring night storm.

How awesomely cheesy is it that I actually have a “rainy day” playlist on my ipod. Go ahead, laugh (I heard you snicker…), but sometimes you just want to be in that rainy day mood, you know? Does your inquiring mind want to know what’s included on the playlist? You’re in luck!

It includes:

Hudson Cycle :: Nico Muhly

Four Last Songs: IV. Im Abendrot, “Wir sind durch Not und Freude gegangen Hand in Hand” :: Richard Strauss (pretty much the only Strauss I like, btw)

XV. White on White Piano Études (extrait du Troisième livre) :: György Ligeti

Ma rendi pur contento (6 ariette da camera) :: Vincenzo Bellini

Some ‘hits’ from Dido and Aeneas :: Henry Purcell

Tristes Apprêts, Pâles Flambeaux from Castor et Pollux :: Jean Phillipe Rameau

What you expected? Surprised?

Speaking of cheese…did I mention that I’m reading this book? I’m really, really enjoying it. Highly recommend it for a fascinating look into ‘taste’.