Mirror Mirror On The Ball

by pieces of moments

One of my favorite events at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston is their annual screening of the Mirrorball portion of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, specifically the “Mirrorball: Fresh Tracks” that features some of the best music videos of the year that you never get to see on that unfortunate mess of a channel known to human life as MTV. It’s so refreshing to see such creative collaborations between film and music and to enjoy it all on a nice big screen. The hottest ticket in town for the musically fanatic on a rainy, rainy, rainy Saturday afternoon.

Some highlights from this year’s Fresh Tracks included:

— Feist: “My Moon My Man

— Battles: “Atlas

— Klaxon: “Golden Skans

— Willowz: “Evil Son

and some favorites:

Dan le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip, “Thou Shalt Always Kill”:

The Upper Room
, “Black And White”: